Friday, July 30, 2010

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head

CNN Poll: 'Melting Pot' weakening country?

Cagle cartoon: Arizona Law Blocked

Ever Read the SB1070 Law? Ernest Hancock reads & Explains it to Radio Audience

New travel warnings issued for Mexico cities in lockdown

RSS Feed US Closes Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Federal Prosecution of Immigrants Soared in Spring

Rep. Franks: Administration Is Lying About the Arizona Immigration Law The Arizona immigration law controversy shows President Obama doesn't get security issues

Is Arizona’s New Immigration Law Good Policy?

Rep. Gutierrez: Immigration Problem Requires a Federal Solution The Arizona immigration law highlights the need for comprehensive immigration reform

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Not Relenting After Court Ruling

GOP Wants Answers for Executive Order Amnesty Memo

Black Eyed Peas join Mexico in protesting Arizona immigration law SB1070 [video] A handful of protests were staged Thursday in Mexico against Arizona immigration law SB1070, and a Black Eyed Peas member this week joined other musicians such as Shakira and Kanye West in denouncing it.

If the Extreme Becomes Law in Arizona...

Immigration Debate, Ground Zero: Rick Sanchez And J.D. Hayworth Battle On CNN

Looming threat from illegals: terror By BRIGITTE GABRIEL

On Immigration: The Debate Turns to the 14th Amendment, More

Memo outlines backdoor 'amnesty' plan Immigration staffers cite tools available without reform

Why our immigration system needs an overhaul

Immigration – Racism. The method to take out the attention of the socioeconomic crisis of our nation.–-racism-the-method-to-take-out-the-attention-of-the-socioeconomic-crisis-of-our-nation/

Graham does about-face on immigration

Juan Diaz reiterates opposition to Arizona immigration law, prepares for Juan Manuel Marquez rematch

Congress Passed an Arizona-Like Immigration Law in 1996 By CHRIS BATTLE

Arizona can prevail on immigration law By Michael Hethmon,

Immigration Decision Appealed; Protestors Block Streets

What the ruling against Arizona's immigration law means A breakdown of what parts of the law Judge Bolton enjoined and why

Joke's on Arizona Judicial gymnastics on immigration law

Dems, GOP warily eye Arizona immigration ruling

Lawmakers consider ending citizenship for children of illegals

Colombia Can Win Mexico’s Drug War By GUSTAVO A. FLORES-MAC√ćAS

In Colorado, Debate Over Program to Check Immigration History of the Arrested

Ariz. files appeal as sheriff launches new sweep

The Mailed Fist of the Federal Government Slams Arizona

Arizona appeals judge's ruling on immigration law

SUSAN BOLTON Judge who ruled on Arizona law is well versed in immigration cases

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Reasons the Obama Victory in Arizona Immigration Lawsuit is Good for Democrats - Robert Creamer

SB1070: appeal seeks to reinstate all parts of Arizona law The toughest provisions of SB1070, the Arizona law about illegal immigration, were blocked Wednesday by a judge. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Thursday she is appealing the decision.

Judge’s Decision Doesn’t Stop Arizona from Combating Border Violence By Travis Packer’s-decision-doesn’t-stop-arizona-from-combating-border-violence/

Russell Pearces National ID for Arizonans Survives SB1070 Court Challenge

Legal Immigrants Complain About Wage and Other Problems Caused by Illegal Immigration

Specter of Arizona immigration law slowly drains economy

Mexico annexes Staten Island, New York

Verdict’s In: Arizona Judge Lacks Good Reason By John Lott

Arizona immigration law protesters block Phoenix street

Video: Nevadans React To Immigration Law Ruling

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I'll Enforce Arizona's Immigration Law

CNN Poll: 55% Support Arizona Law

Why Judge Susan Bolton blocked key parts of Arizona's SB 1070 US District Judge Susan Bolton issued a temporary injunction that halted key parts of SB 1070, the Arizona immigration law, that would have required police to check the immigration status of anyone they suspected of being an illegal resident.

With ruling, battle over Arizona immigration law enters new phase Both opponents and supporters of the Arizona immigration law are confident of winning in the end. By Wednesday's ruling may cool tempers for a while.

Restrictionists Confounded by Increased Deportations and the Administration’s Defense of the Constitution

Court ruling unlikely to change politics of immigration The equation spelling gridlock in Congress remains unchanged: The comprehensive overhaul promoted by Obama — and Bush — lacks any GOP support in the Senate, and therefore cannot pass.,0,1027970.story

Richardson: "Temporary Victory" on Arizona Law New Mexico Governor Renews Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform; Rep. Issa Says Gov't Has Failed to Enforce Existing Law

Chicago could end 4 contracts with Arizona businesses over immigration law

Exclusive: Marco Rubio Reacts to the Arizona Immigration Law Ruling

Adamo: Real America Did Not Sue Arizona By Christopher G. Adamo

Proponents of border enforcement will not give up By Bob Christie

The Mailed Fist of the Federal Government Slams Arizona

Arizona immigration law SB 1070 - Judge blocks some sections

Are illegals infiltrating U.S. military bases? Sheriff Joe hunts aliens working at Army intelligence post By Chelsea Schilling

Illegal immigrants leave tons of trash in Arizona desert, devastating environment

Bolton ruling on Arizona immigration law SB 1070 latest hot-button issue

Judge Blocks Arizona’s Immigration Law

Arizona vs. Obama, Round 1 by Joseph Klein

“The Fight is Far From Over” by Tait Trussell

Praying Against Arizona by Mark D. Tooley

A narrow rebuke of Arizona's immigration law

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


YouTube Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about SB 1070, immigration, borders and Obama

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Immigration Battle Far From Over

Thousands of Drug War Deaths This Year and Mexico Sends Human Rights Inspectors to Watch Arizona

Hate Radio and the War on Immigration

Federal judge blocks part of Arizona immigration law

Arizona immigration law: Key parts struck down by judge

Judge grants injunction on part of Ariz. law

Ariz. Sheriff: I'll Jail Immigration Protesters

Arizona helped deport thousands without new law By Suzanne Gamboa

Latino players, step up: Rally against Arizona's immigration law to hit Mets-Diamondbacks game

Neb. city suspends immigration law, now with court

Federal program will check arrestees immigration status: Anyone booked into Santa Cruz County Jail will be checked against federal database

Feds oppose merger of immigration law challenges

Immigration offices no longer accept cash

Arizona immigration law tints dispute over slaying Had Arizona's governor not just signed the toughest law against illegal immigrants in the nation, the slaying of Juan Varela probably would have been written off as just a tragic neighborhood dispute.

No Phillies protesting Arizona immigration law

Tom Tancredo Is Blowing It For Conservatives In Colorado

Anti-immigrant group calls for ’safe passage’ of illegals out of U.S.

How Racist Anti-Immigrant Groups Are Trying to Recruit Environmentalists Xenophobes have launched a cynical campaign to recruit environmentalists to their cause by blaming immigrants for urban sprawl and other environmental prob

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rand Paul Questions Whether Undocumented Immigrants Are Under The Legal Jurisdiction Of the U.S.

Immigrant rights groups adjust focus to passage of AgJobs, Dream Act

Stop Holding Back The Enforcement Data, President Obama

AP Impact: Mexico justice means catch and release

The War In Mexico

Hispanics Now Second-Largest Consumers in Nation

Obama on Immigration: Faking Right? - John Feffer

Mexican drug cartels bring violence with them in move to Central America

Immigrant Groups Criticize Federal Government’s Fingerprint Program Targeting Illegal Aliens

Ok, class... How many ways can you say 'illegal'? by Bobby Eberle

Arizona's Chinese food immigration problem A Pei Wei Asian diner fires Hispanic employees for protesting SB 1070. But who cares -- there's a great coupon deal

Tom Tancredo running for Colorado governor The anti-immigration zealot launches a third-party campaign, will probably hand election to Democrats

Obama’s War on the West by Michelle Malkin

Monday, July 26, 2010

Study: 10 pct. of Mexicans may emigrate to US due to climate change, decreased crop yields

ICE Won't Say if Agency Will Help Enforce SB 1070

State takes action to end exploitation of immigrants Latinos across Washington state lose thousands of dollars, their jobs, and the chance to live legally in the U.S. because of erroneous legal advice and a frequently exploited translation hitch. The Washington Attorney General's Office today announced three new settlements with individuals accused of illegally providing immigration advice.

Virginia's Farmville detention center represents immigration policy gone wrong

Deportation by Default Mental Disability, Unfair Hearings, and Indefinite Detention in the US Immigration System

Radio hosts pounce on Whitman's softening her tone on immigration John and Ken turn up the volume as the GOP candidate, who spent a fortune courting the right for the primary, now spends another fortune on her path back to the center.,0,4800044.story

Immigration divide may stall session Despite budget shortfall, the real battle in Austin likely will be over Arizona-style bill

New law exposes Arizona residents’ long-quiet tempers By Sean Alfano Read more:

Obama scrambles to retake control of immigration with record levels of deportations By Peter Slevin

Mexico Drug War Spills into U.S. by Ryan Mauro

Judge sharply questions federal argument against Arizona law

Bill to Stop Arizona Suit Defeated by Michelle Oddis

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law As families leave the city, and state, some neighborhoods — already suffering from the weak economy — are left with fewer customers to sustain businesses.

Racial Profiling in the Name of Immigration Law Enforcement Blog by MotherTalkers

Immigrant 'sanctuaries' rouse opponents' wrath Supporters of Arizona's immigration law say the Obama administration should be going after local jurisdictions that have proclaimed themselves relatively safe places for illegal immigrants.,0,7894293.story

Arizona immigration law ripples through history, U.S. politics

BORDERLINES by William Finnegan

Effect of Arizona's new immigration law may hinge on federal cooperation

Mexico Abuzz Over Arizona Immigration Law, Braces For Wave Of Deportees

DEBATE: Immigration reform v. State's Rights

El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, A Tale of Two Cities

Bishop Olmsted and CCHD Funding Opposition to AZ Immigration Law - Lisa Graas

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tancredo echoes GOP Congressman, calls for Obama’s impeachment over immigration.

Canadian Mining Crimes in Mexico

Misguided U.S. Economic Policies Drive Many Undocumented Immigrants to the United States

Mexican marijuana smugglers turn to ultralight aircraft

Al Sharpton slams Joe Arpaio on Arizona’s law SB1070

The U.S. State Department has renewed a travel warning for Mexico due to drug-related violence, particularly in the northern border areas.

Arizona Hispanic Birthrate Decreases Following Controversial Immigration Law

Colo. U. cancels study-abroad programs in Mexico

Police in modern, moderate Indonesia tear down house church

Jan Brewer Facts, Chuck Norris Approved

Mexico's new security chief hailed

2 sides try to sway judge on law No word when ruling will be made on state's immigration regulation

Ariz. judge raises the realities of porous border Read more:

Beyond Arizona law debate, common ground seen on immigration solutions

Netroots Nation: Immigration Reform’s Strange Bedfellows

Illegal Aliens Getting Away With Mayhem and Murder by Kelly Wolf

No Visa, No School, Many New York Districts Say

Arizona immigration law won't be completely blocked, federal judges indicates during gov't lawsuit

Immigration: Mexico Cannot See The Man In The Mirror

Immigration reform is within our grasp, meanwhile people die

Judge hears arguments on Arizona immigration law Gov. Jan Brewer attends packed hearings. No ruling issued on Justice Department request for injunction

Exclusive: Will There Be Justice For Arizona? Michael Cutler

States’ Inherent Authority to Enforce Immigration Law What is it about stopping illegal immigration that draws such misguided indignation?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

11 Nations condemn Arizona law SB 1070

Rage Against the Machine Ready for 'Battle' Against Arizona Immigration Law

Judge doubts the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration law U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton says the provision that makes lacking immigration documents a crime may violate prior rulings that bar states from creating their own immigrant registration systems.,0,3498774.story

Immigration Law: Is Congress Merely an Advisory Board? by Charlotte Hays

Two groups sue Nebraska city over immigration law The small town of Fremont faces lawsuits for its Arizona-style ordinance

Mexican hostility toward U.S. Border Patrol

Jan of Arizona is No Saint But She Fights Like One by M. Catharine Evans

As implementation of Arizona immigration law looms, 'pressure from all sides'

Why the U.S. had to challenge Arizona on immigration

Drug war aid to Mexico lacks oversight GAO: State Department's program, also in Central America, needs reform

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hispanic GOP Group to Announce Support for Arizona Immigration Law

John Stossel Immigrants -- Good or Bad?

Poll: Immigration tops jobs as number one issue for Latino voters

Arizona Prepares to Enforce SB 1070

Mexico drug aid needs better oversight By Alexandra Olson

Obama Administration Mimics George W. Bush on Immigration Prosecutions

NAFSA pushes DHS to halt action against students who might be eligible under the DREAM Act

DFW-area students go to D.C. for bill to aid undocumented immigrants

Student Anti-Sweatshop Activists Win Historic Breakthrough

J.D. Hayworth Challenges Administration on Immigration Enforcement Weeks Before National Guard Deploys to Border

For Those Deported, Court Rulings Come Too Late

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Senior ICE leaders retaliate following Washington Post article?

Hispanic-Owned Businesses Prosper

Immigration is a Top Concern for Latinos

20 Good Reasons to Risk Deportation for the DREAM Act 20 immigrant youth are holding sit-ins in congressional offices on Capitol Hill, risking arrest and deportation in order to draw attention to the DREAM Act, which would grant them a path to citizenship. These are their dreams- dreams that to them are well worth the risk.

Hidden Cameras Reveal Border Remains Porous

University Presidents Call for Stand-Alone Passage of Dream Act

Scenarios: What could happen with Arizona's immigration law

Catholic, LDS reps to attend immigration summit

LatAm nations bid to join Mexico in Arizona case

How to decode the US immigration process

Audits, not raids mark U.S. immigration crackdown: report

R.I., Arizona immigration measures diverge on key points

Arizona immigration law has groups readying for court

Groups vow ‘civil disobedience’ over immigration law

Hating Hispanics: Has Arizona Ignited Firestorm After Decade of Simmering Tension? Activists Say Immigation Law Has Given Rest of Country Free License to Discriminate Against Hispanics

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Arizona immigration law oks racial profiling, may cause 'crisis'

Car Bombs and Grenades in Mexico: Look South to FARC, Maras, and Chavez

Guatemalans Rescued In Arizona Desert

Will Armed Volunteers Kill People Illegally Crossing The Border?

Immigrant Archive Project: Sergio Diaz (Cuban)

Republican immigration position likely to alienate Latinos, Obama officials say

Monday, July 19, 2010


U.S. troops to arrive at Mexico border August 1

Approval of Obama drops to 28 percent in new Arizona poll

Immigrant detention center in Va. would be mid-Atlantic's largest

Supporters of immigration reform proposal head to Washington

Help rate how the media are covering the Arizona immigration issue

American Bar Association jumps into fray early over Arizona immigration law

Mexico car bomb: 'Colombianization' of Mexico nearly complete Last week's Mexico car bomb in the border town of Cuidad Juarez killed three. It is the first known use of a car bomb against authorities and marks a troubling new level of violence in the country's brutal drug war.

Bruce Bialosky How to Solve the Immigration Mess

Arrests Shed Light on Mexico Border Kidnapping Operation

Obama Gains Evangelical Allies on Immigration

Union accuses immigration agency of discrimination in leak probe

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obama Wins Unlikely Allies in Immigration

Arizona Sheriff Launches Immigration Sweep

Arrests shed light on border kidnappings Immigrants trying to cross into the U.S. walk into traps set up by gangs with far-reaching networks, authorities learn.,0,2982537.story

Arizona's immigration law isn't the only one Many states have their own regulations governing illegal immigrants. And five states have introduced bills similar to Arizona's SB 1070, which is the target of a federal lawsuit,0,4454228.story

Arizona Law used as prototype for 12-17 states

Arizona Immigration Law: Fed Actions Merely Political Election Move

Jobs for the Picking

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Officer Wants His Lawsuit Merged with Feds’ Case

Nazi-Linked Militia Patrols in Arizona

Americans Allege Torture, Abuse From Inside Mexico Drug War

Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Radar System

Car bomb in Mexican drug war changes ground rules

Why strengthening the U.S.-Mexican border leads to more illegal immigration by Peter Schrag

Immigration fines top $600,000 for Texas companies

Poll: Majority Of Georgians Want Immigration Law

Immigration: Texas, Arizona to Skip Border State Meeting With Mexican Counterparts

A Mandate for Immigration Reform? Posted by Jay Newton-Small

Solis, Trumka Talk Immigration Reform, Worker Rights on Live Webcast

Immigrant deaths in Arizona desert soaring in July Medical examiner says number could top the single-month record of 68

Juarez Mexico Car Bomb Kills Police Officers, Wounds Several

Mexican drug cartels' newest weapon: Cold War-era grenades made in U.S.

Immigrants' Rights Groups: Lawsuits Against Arizona Just the Beginning of Long Campaign for Justice'_rights_groups:_lawsuits_against_arizona_just_the_beginning_of_long_campaign_for_justice

Looking Ahead to 2012 Presidential Race in Mexico

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mexico's Brutality Towards Illegal Aliens Ignored by Obama, US Media

Illegal Alien Gets Taxpayer Funded Penis Pump

Illegal Immigration: Let’s be Fair and Balanced

Can an overloaded Congress get to immigration reform? Congress has a full plate before November's midterms. Financial reform is likely to pass. But energy reform and immigration reform look like long shots. Here's what is on the docket.

ACLU: Entering This Country Illegally Doesn’t Make You a Criminal (VIDEO)

Arizona’s Fight – America’s Fight’s-fight-–-america’s-fight/

Reid’s Two-Faced Immigration Record Posted by Tom Tancredo

Immigration Law: Is Congress Merely an Advisory Board?

Amnesty Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers at Least $2.6 Trillion

Video: Immigration Splits the Nation

Brief for 9 states backs Arizona immigration law

Arizona immigration law heads to court, with $1.2 million war chest First of seven lawsuits against tough Arizona immigration law is heard Thursday in federal court in Phoenix. Money from private donors across the US has flowed into a defense fund for the statute.

The Audacity Against Arizona By Aaron Goldstein

Police officer versus governor in Arizona immigration court battle,0,88772.story

Pro-Arizona radio show raises some immigration static

List worries both sides of immigration debate Utah officials, activists worry document may have come from state records

Congress & Immigration by Jamie Dupree

Utah Governor to Hold Roundtable on Immigration Reform

LATINOS: No Immigration Reform No Vote

Axelrod: ‘No Administration Has Been Tougher’ on Immigration Enforcement than Obama Administration

Schwarzenegger mobilizes National Guard to border

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is Overpopulation a Green Myth? by Brian Merchant

New Miss California Against Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

ICE director: states shouldn't follow Arizona lead,0,4053138.story

Robert Gibbs attempts to distance the White House from the Suit against the State of Arizona

Mass.-based student immigrant group start ‘university’ to push Dream Act

NY Gov. Paterson Sets Up Special Immigration Pardon Panel

Families Facing Separation Counting on Immigration Reform

Mexican soldiers attacked in Nuevo Laredo

Sarah Palin Tells Bill O’Reilly What She Would Do About Immigration As ‘President Palin’

Obama’s Immigration Distraction Even immigrants are shunning America’s sputtering economy

@katiecouric: Arizona Immigration Law

Immigration reform advocates face the threat of another year without a bill

Florida may have Arizona-like anti-illegal immigration law by August

Phoenix Game Is Subject of Protest

Exclusive: Federal Battle Waged Against Arizona Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Immigration Law: Capitalism & Immigration = Fascism

Does Obama Believe We Can't Plug the Porous Border? - Ed Koch

Profiling's enabler: High court ruling underpins Arizona immigration law

Should the U.S. Restrict Immigration? The case for immigration restrictions is far from convincing.

NAACP has right idea on immigration by Mary Sanchez

League of Cities opposes Arizona immigration law

Immigration Reform: A Victim of Misinformation?

Immigration outrage hits heartland By GEOFF EARLE,

Paul Greenberg Role Reversal: The Feds vs. Arizona

Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama says politics to blame for immigration delay

As the Facts Come Out about Arizona, the Politicians Become More Shrill

Video: MALDEF challenges Arizona

Supreme Court To Review Arizona Employability Verification Law

YouTube: "Addressing the Immigration Dilemma" - All Saints Church, Pasadena - July 4, 2010

Congressmen Debate Immigration

Arizona Senators Decry DOJ Lawsuit Yet Won’t Support Immigration Reform

Behind US v. Arizona: pure politics by Kris W. Kobach

Why Lawsuits Against Arizona, When Federal Law is Ignored? Gregory D. Lee

Governors: Obama's Immigration Suit Is 'Toxic'

Deflating the Myths About Immigration in the U.S by Albert R. Hunt

Obama Administration Shifts To “Silent Immigration Raids”

Could Arizona's immigration law affect Maryland's election?

US: Fix Dysfunctional Immigration System New Legal Framework Needed for Reform

Illegal Immigration: Let’s be Fair and Balanced

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration

Holder Floats Possibility of Racial Profiling Suit Against Arizona

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch Stands Up for the DREAM Act

Why it's important for progressives to get behind Obama's comprehensive immigration reform push by Rep. Raul Grijalva

Governors avoid debate on Arizona's immigration law The topic's not on their convention agenda, but it's on everyone's mind as demonstrators rally nearby.,0,7679303.story

Arizona Immigration Suit by U.S. Isn’t Political, Holder Says

Report: Immigration bill would have most impact in California, Texas DREAM Act bill could provide legal status for some young illegal immigrants.

Obama Can Fix Immigration Problem With A KISS Strategy


Friday, July 9, 2010

Iran Threatens U.S. with Proxy Terrorists on US-Mexico Border

Complete Guide to Arizona’s Immigration Law by BRAD BERNSTEIN

Immigration's racial complexity

Colbert teams up with UFW over immigration

Obama, Immigration, and Evangelical Counsel

Poll: Majority Oppose Justice Department’s Decision to Challenge Arizona’s New Immigration Law

Truck Dispute Previews Trade Battle

Video: Tancredo: Maybe Arizona Immigration Law Isn’t So Bad After All

It's Time for Arizona to Sue the Federal Government

Protect Yourself - cartoon about Arizona and the feds

Video: CNN’s Rick Sanchez debates FAIR president Dan Stein on Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB 1070.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Judicial Watch Statement on the Obama Administration's Suit over Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law (SB 1070)

Illegal Alien Voters Ignored by Justice Department says Whistleblower

Exclusive: Immigrant “Anchor Babies” - Opposed in Arizona, But Big Business in NYC? Paul Williams, PhD

Future of U.S. Education: From Milwaukee to Mexico?

Lawyer Who Defended 'American Taliban' Now Heads DOJ Suit Against Arizona

Lawmaker: Suit won’t stop Utah immigration bill

Illegal Immigration:McCain Supports Ban

Olathe university refuses to host immigration forum

The real culprits of illegal immigration by Jim Weber

Birmingham suburb passes immigration law

Arizona Challenge Does Not Focus on Profiling

Sleepless Nights: Mother Nature Ravages Towns on U.S.-Mexico Border By: CHRIS GENTIL

Immigrants and Crime: Perception vs. Reality

Hispanic Voters and Candidates