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The 1965 Congressional lie on immigration; the 2013 lie even bigger - Frosty Wooldridge


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1,500 Page Immigration Bill to Drop One Day Before Only Hearing?


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Anti-Immigrant Leaders Set to Thwart Immigration Reform


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Friday, April 5, 2013

Republicans estimate immigration bill could cost taxpayers billions, Rubio challenges claim


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How Queer Undocumented Youth Built the Immigrant Rights Movement


Mexico drug cartels sending top agents to run crime rings deep inside U.S. territory, AP finds


Drug cartels weigh down Mexico's 'green gold' (video)


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Schumer says immigration deal imminent; Rubio says not so fast



The U.S.-Mexico border is a real weakness isn't it? What if it could be turned into a strength by making it go poof?

Only the U.S. and Mexico have this ridiculous 2K-mi. border that's not really a border between two equal states like with Canada but a barricade for de facto white supremacy and apartheid of brown-skinned peoples. As such it's evil and must go before it festers into a time bomb that explodes in all our faces. The border causes millions of little mice to be caught between the feet of two giant elephants with incompatible systems, generating massive injustice. Instead, we need just one elephant who coddles and protects us all on its broad back. Too bad, the American people are still stuck on stupid when it comes to this vital issue that will impact their children and grandchildren, and still don't 'get' that a large portion of the Mexican people are in the U.S. to stay whether they like it or not, and to breed, and maintain cross-border relations with their extended families.

Speaking of what's on the other side of the border, the bad elephant in the room is the ever-corrupt Mexican govt. that's falling daily into the hands of drug cartels: it has to go, it really has to go, there is no need for it anymore, it's a festering sore, a dead dino. Why should two nations forever try to share the same space when one will do? I'm not talking about imposing a solution by force, but rather one with the consent of the people of both sides. If given the chance via an enthusiastic official bipartisan invitation by the U.S. Congress, the Mexican people on both sides of the border would likely vote in a plebiscite to scrap their failed dependent corrupt country and govt. and reorganize their territory as a new U.S. sector, say 10 new states each the size of Utah, allowing the border to expand to the Mexican coasts where it's no longer a wall of apartheid and can be far more easily controlled since it will be seabound with huge ocean expanses between it and Europe, Asia, and Africa.

After the megamerge, the two formerly separated populations can clear the record and freely mix without losing their common supremely valuable U.S. citizenship, allowing Mexico's territory to finally be developed as U.S. soil, causing an economic boom benefiting all 440 million. We're not and never have been natural enemies, we've always been friends and would have been one nation for 200 years if it weren't for that racism thang, that language thang, and that religious thang, all of which are now dead dinos in this shrinking world that we can navigate around for our mutual good.

My plan is impracticable? We can never annex Mexico? Duh, if we don't, it's slowly annexing us. Why not call the shots and dictate the terms, and do it ASAP so that the power of the free market can develop the 10 new U.S. states up to the same level as the other 50 instead of leaving them an open eyesore?

We should keep spending billions to seal the border? Duh, we're over the $100 billion mark, and it hasn't worked. Only our bad economy stopped them from coming. If our economy improves, more millions will come, and we won't stop them. Let's say we spend 10 trillion bucks and do seal the border. Then what? We just wasted 10 trillion bucks, because the Mexican people are STILL THERE, and their territory is STILL UNDERDEVELOPED. We're just asking for unimaginable tragedy down the line, can you handle 100 trillion bucks after a Castro-type dictatorship invites our worst enemies in to set up shop?

I'm trying to weaken the U.S. and open its borders? No, I'm trying to strengthen it and make a border that can be sealed forever until people learn to live underwater. A 60-state U.S. will be better in every way, and happier. After the megamerge the U.S. will be dragged down to the level of Mexico? How? Their territory will be ours, along with their natural resources, and our Constitution that protects property rights will still be intact. The result will be an economic boom that might double the U.S. GDP in 20 years.

And Canada isn't part of this plan, so don't mention that North American Union crap, we don't want to lose the U.S. in a union, we want to incorporate Mexico into the U.S. Ditto that spooky Illuminati conspiracy crap, this is my brainchild, the Illuminati were too dumb to think of it, and I'm sure they wouldn't let me join if I paid them. The U.S. spent $90 billion from 2000-2010 on so-called border security, which comes to almost a thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in Mexico. What did they get, and what did we get? That money could have been used to build infrastructure in the 10 new states to prepare the GDP there to quadruple by 2020, instead we're another decade in the hole. Ironically, the more the "gringos" stall, the weaker their position gets to call the shots when the megamerge is made, and the more backward Mexico will get in relation to the U.S., like what happened to East Germany in only 50 years, only worse, it's already been 200 years. Did I mention that the people of the U.S. are stuck on stupid?

I'm a shill for some political party? Sorry, I'm a lone wolf thinker, a member of no party. I never even registered to vote until 2012, and only to vote for myself for president. So no, this isn't a Commie or even leftist proposal, it's not about Communism vs. Capitalism, it's about fixing a mistake of history. I'm all for keeping the U.S. economic system the way it is while expanding it along with the Great American Dream to 10 new U.S. states that will complete the natural evolution of North America to a form that can last more hundreds of years. This plan is about turning two quite compatible mainly Capitalist states into one under a new bigger Stars and Stripes and making a new start sans the old kaput racism and other junk. Neither is it a rightist proposal, I'm not talking about a white supremacist takeover of Mexico like what happened to Native Americans. We must ask the Mexican people first, and they must approve it via referendum. It's not colonization it's megamerge, putting us all on the same team after pioneering how to make it work to show the world that we're humanity's best hope after all.

It's too difficult? We're so close already it's beyond ridiculous. The U.S. must only drop its arrogant demand to learn English and accept an officially bilingual nation, or a nation with no official language, just as we already have decided we have no official religion or race, hey, both English and Spanish are here to stay, as are the so-called white, brown, and black races, and it's the Internet Age, Google translates everything for free. Mexico must only drop its govt. and constitution and accept ours. Carlos Slim fatcat types can move to Monte Carlo. Diehard racists and nationalists on both sides will always exist, but the majority of good decent people will always outnumber and outvote them, and eventually a new generation that only knows one nation will come to power.

The beaners will vote in Pancho Gonzales and rob the gringos blind? No, we don't have to groan under tens of millions of ignorant backward Mexican peasants suddenly having the vote, because we can control the action to phase-in voting over a generation, it's all negotiable, how long was Colorado a territory before it became a state. The education system currently sucks but I have a solution for revamping that too, it's no problemo. What is important is that we launch the plan ASAP so that debate can focus on the timing and resources of the paradigm change with all the other divisive crap swept into the trash can. Study my well thought-out well-researched 7-step Megamerge Dissolution Solution showing how a bipartisan Congress can get it officially launched in just years, making all other non-solutions dominating the news a waste of time. They're non-solutions because they're not honest, and we all know it. Isn't it refreshing to hear me telling the plain truth for once?

Enough about me, how about you? Yes, I want you to speak out too. Does the thought of a megamerge scare you? What about anarchy, because that's where it's headed otherwise. If after what I just taught you you're still scared, look in the mirror and see who has the real problem. There's nothing to fear but fear itself. There's no boogie man there. There's nothing up my sleeves. It's the true good permanent solution. You so-called red-blooded American patriots, get off your act. Why keep grandstanding and stonewalling this issue when we can all finally begin honestly working toward a common happy ending of sharing the New World in peace and prosperity sans the corrupt Mexican govt., horrible border, and ridiculous misguided racism and language B.S.?

Yes, I said bipartisan Congress, there's no special advantage or disadvantage for either major party, as the new U.S. citizens will find both have attractive messages and will sign up by the millions once the old Mexican parties are gone and their families are reunited across the old border and they see that we have a common cause to believe in and work for: the bigger better 60-state U.S. which can take on the world, starting by finally reforming the immigration system to allow the million backlogged skilled applicants in, don't be surprised if they flock to the new southern sector with their skills and hire you. Gringo-Americans will enjoy the more ample er, lebensraum, the economic growth will go crazy, think of that 5.8K-mi. coastline and how it can quickly become a New California and a New Florida with whole new booming cities and zero unemployment. Think of how the new U.S. can reach out to Latin America, and what a mess our foreign policy with it is now, the Castros and Chavezes will be checkmated. Clearly, the party that first takes up the MMDS will have the upper hand in recruiting the new citizens into its ranks later, so if I were a Republican I'd quit double-facing about being a racist English supremacist, wake up and smell the margaritas, and pull every string I got rather than stay stuck on stupid. Remember this is about your grandchildren not just you. Imagine not having to worry about being photographed sneaking into a Mexican restaurant.

Yes I'm known as an arch critic of Islam and the Muslim World, don't say Islamophobe that word sucks, but don't let that torpedo my plan, it's yet another strength. What's the difference between annexing Mexico and its hordes of Mexicans and inviting Muslims in? Easy. In the first case, we're discovering that we have a lot in common and really love each other. In the second case, we would have to hate ourselves since we know they already do, and would not only be incompatible with our values but would start a civil war and try to destroy our culture and turn the clock back a thousand years. Remember how when you go to San Francisco you should be sure to wear some flowers in your hair? That's our true future with our Mexican neighbors. With the Muslim World, inviting them in would result in running like hell through the mall as they hunt us like animals in a safari. Sorry, the New World is our bag, not theirs. Are they inviting millions of infidels to move there? It's not that I have anything against the people of the Muslim World personally, I just don't want them to bring their horrible violent barbaric world to ours. Yes, we can engage in outreach to the Muslim World, but instead of messing the New World up with the 1400-year-old Muslim World, we should unite as one big happy country with our Mexican friends, then seal it off from the Muslim World forever unless/until it disintegrates and the Muslims chuck Muhammad and his jihad forever first, screw goody-two-shoes Pres. Obama on this one, he's totally wrong to sing Kumbaya with them and invite them to move in ahead of all them Mexicans languishing in limbo.

It's 2014. Do I have to bring up CRIMEA? Look how fast they megamerged with Russia, like greased lightning. I'm not saying it will be that easy for us, but it's very doable, and it solves way more problems than it creates.

Let's talk about the Mexican people. What's in it for them? Everything. They will finally be asked what they think about all the big issues the U.S. faces, immigration being just one. They will no longer be looked on as an inferior unwanted people, but as potential congresspersons and senators, even presidents. We will start opting them into our action instead of opting them out. Their current mental cage of hopelessness and despair will be lifted, and they will be revitalized, unleashing their creative energies. In one magic moment the centuries of injustices will be swept away, and and and, give me a hanky. Of course they shouldn't treat the megamerge as a conquering of the gringos by Latinos, they have to accept our existence and rights just like we accept theirs. I think they're up to it, and am willing to trust them enough to try it, what about you?

Speaking of singing, did I mention the epic celebration we'll have on U.S.-Mexico Megamerge Day, May 5 of some hopefully soon-to-come year? Imagine Boston baked beans, Chow Mein, pasta, steak and potatoes, Cajun cooking, Texas BBQ, Virginia ham, grits and red eye gravy, and tacos and enchiladas at the same table served to one nation that's all on the same team, forever.

This is just a quick sales pitch to rouse the devil, er, rebel, er, patriot in you. If the major media would get their heads out of their rears I give permission to reprint it in full, please do, what a joke your coverage of "comprehensive immigration reform" has been, I laughed my head off between crying jags, you're forgiven, now get as serious as moi before you stink our future up worse.

Speaking of serious, I know it's work but please spend the time to read my long-winded painstaking covers-all-arguments 20K-word original proposal and get over my giant ego. There's nothing in it for me personally, I'm past 60 and won't be here forever but the New World will, and it can go on like it is only so long while the suffering and waste remain uncorrected. Okay, I will accept a free villa in New California or New Florida in a town named after me, a monument or two, and a postage stamp with my portrait :) A new national holiday on my birthday would also be nice, after I'm gone :) Right now a tax-free grant of $50 million like they got in the film National Treasure would come in handy, but in that case I'm more likely to move to Hawaii :)

Read TLW's original Megamerge Dissolution Solution Essay

Meanwhile check the daily news on all sides here and watch the sad waste as nobody but us geniuses 'get' it yet :) See what it's like to be the world's greatest genius and be sitting on a solution while the herds of so-called brains ignore me while mooing and making gas :)

Letters I wrote to various newspapers. Feel free to reprint anywhere and everywhere.

Letter I wrote to the Washington Times, Apr. 14, 2011.

Another Solution to the US-Mexico Problem? Uh-huh!

Another pundit presents a plan for solving the US-Mexico problem? Duh, what does he think I have stamped on my forehead, bunny ears?

For years neither major party has been honest about addressing the US-Mexico problem, because neither wants to admit that the problem is on the other side of the border, the failed dependent state of Mexico and its eternally corrupt govt. that is now being taken over by drug cartels, who are busily expanding into the U.S. interior. For 200 years the border has been a lawless zone and cancer, and neither proposals to seal it (which is impossible) nor to forgive border-crossers (only to see more cross, and splitting families between the two countries) are solutions, reforms, or anything else.

There has always been one true solution, one that can be agreed on by Republicans and Democrats alike if they drop their blinkers: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution of a bipartisan Congress inviting the Mexican people to dissolve their country and reorganize as 10 new states the size of Utah, in phases, allowing the landlocked border to dissolve then expand to the coasts, where it can finally be defended against unwanted immigrants from overseas, while Mexico can be opened for development as a new U.S. sector, creating massive bidirectional movement along with huge numbers of new jobs for all 400+ million Americans.

For two years I've been presenting this solution via my well-thought out Web position paper and a blog, which have only reached 100K or so people. Only by reaching a million or more can it finally emerge from the bleachers and begin taking control of the circular immigration "reform" debate that's been stinking the U.S. up. Get with it now or you will still have to get with it later, since, repeat after me, it's the ONLY SOLUTION TO THE US-MEXICO PROBLEM.


Letter I wrote to the San Antonio Express News, July 30, 2011:

As usual both the Democrats and Republicans are lying about "comprehensive immigration reform" vis a vis the US-Mexico problem, because both sides still refuse to accept that Mexico is a failed dependent state that can't be ignored, blocked-off, or made to go away. But it can be made a strength by incorporating it into the U.S. as 10 new states the size of Utah, allowing the 2K-mi. land border to expand to the Mexican coasts where it can finally be protected against real illegal aliens from other continents, while mass bidirectional migration will allow it to be developed as a new U.S. sector, driving unemployment down to zero as whole new cities are built on both coasts, a New California and New Florida. 60 states and 440+ million Americans sharing the New World in peace and prosperity. Find out more about the bipartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution.

Letter I wrote to Salon, June 14, 2013:

Once again a so-called expert who's stuck on stupid about the US-Mexico issue. All along, the real problem is that there are two countries, when one will do. Mexico is a failed runt country with an ever-corrupt govt. that keeps the poor down, and life there for all but the elite is living hell. That govt. sits on top of the massive territory like a hydra, holding its development back. So who can blame anybody smart enough to cross the border to the good side? The U.S. needs to drop the old paradigms of white supremacy, English supremacy et al. and reach out to the Mexican people to let them vote in a plebiscite to scrap their failed country and join ours as 10 new states. Right now instead of their moose hockey immigration reforms that leave 100+ million Mexicans out in the cold, Congress should offer immediate U.S. citizenship to any Mexican on either side of the border who votes for annexation now. Only when the U.S. has 60 states and the border expands to the Mexican coasts will the quagmire be ended, freeing the bigger better U.S. to take on the world.

Only I have a bipartisan working plan on the table. Read about it at my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog and tell your politicians to poop or get off the pot.

Letter I wrote to the Washington Times, Aug. 3, 2013:

Peeyu! Give me a clothespin for my nose! With such an epic issue as the future of the U.S. and Mexico at stake, all McCain worries about is the next election? None of the reforms now in Congress address the real problem of the failed dependent runt state of Mexico and its irretrievably corrupt government, much less its 120+ million people who labor in a dismal world where their only hope is over the border, a border that shouldn't even exist. If somebody is shot in the leg, does a doctor apply a tourniquet and pronounce him cured? What's that smell?

The real solution is for a bipartisan majority in Congress led by Pres. Obama to invite the Mexican people on both sides of the border to vote to scrap their failed country and reorganize as 10 new U.S. states in what I call a megamerge, allowing the horrible U.S.-Mexico border to dissolve and a new U.S. border to be established on the Mexican coasts. After this happens in a phased manner, mass bidirectional migration will cause an economic boom in the new states, ending U.S. unemployment and uniting all 400+ million Americans under a 60-star U.S. flag permanently, for a win-win solution and happy ending. The vocal minority of sick white supremacists and Mexican nationalists will know they're kaput when the majority of decent people on both sides of the border vote loudly for annexation to end a historic mistake and create a new birth of freedom without an artificial line drawn on the map. Imagine a new generation that never heard of a U.S.-Mexico border except in history class.

There's a plan on the table. Tell your reps to immediately visit my MEGAMERGE DISSOLUTION SOLUTION BLOG to see how to make it happen now before more time is wasted on moose hockey immigration reforms that are pathetic cop-outs to party politics. This issue is bigger than either party, it's about the future of the country, and the politicians must find the gumption to lead now before more damage is done to our nation's fabric by inaction. It's been that way for 150 years, so why change now? If not now, when? 10 years from now? 20? The longer we wait, the more the situation descends into anarchy as corrupt Mexico annexes the U.S. like gangrene.

U.S. Govt. Consulting Contract Wanted

I first announced the Megamerge Dissolution Solution in 2009, the year that Pres. Obama took office. What has he done about it since then? Nada. And I've been here all along, just waiting, compiling links to over 9K articles on the US-Mexico problem that are all pure crap, not one talking about my solution. What will it take? A range war started by Mexican drug cartels in the U.S. heartland? Like Longhorn Steakhouse, you can't fake steak. Tell Obama to shit or get off the pot.

The U.S. govt. needs to set up a task force to flesh out the details of the bipartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution for voting by Congress, including the sales pitch, social, economic, political, legal, diplomatic and international aspects, all totally nonpartisan in hopes of broad bipartisan support, along with broad public support, although the current administration has to take the lead in introducing it so here's Pres. Obama's chance to become Abe Lincoln II: The Anti-Civil War Leader, Healing An Old Wound With Wisdom and Grace. Too bad, right now he's only worrying about keeping the Hispanic vote from bolting. What was that about Mexican border-crossers cutting in line, it's as if he wants all Mexicans to get in a line behind Africans and Middle Easterners, how lame, they're already here just over the ridiculous fence, and have plenty of Lebensraum to give us in exchange for a new 1-state solution with him as president, after which the line will have 60 states to move into not 50. How many pages was Obamacare, a thousand? For such an epic new phase in American history we might need two thousand, but think of the potential of a new birth of freedom and how the rest of the world will go crazy with sheer jealousy. For such an epic historic task there is no better lead consultant available than lone wolf towering brain man TLW, who is open to the U.S. govt., either the White House, the Senate, the House, or all three contracting with him to work with other govt. employees or contractors until we get a finished product. This offer is not unlimited but will be open until further notice because TLW is currently between major projects and is available. Oh yes, I'm TLW. The ultimate man for a historic proposal harkening back to the Founding Fathers, I don't belong to any political party or organization and never did, don't vote and never did, except once for legalization of marijuana in Colorado, and definitely don't want to be a politician riding some idea into office, I gain knowledge, dispense wisdom and launch ideas and am above it all as the current World's Greatest Genius (tm). I'm not black or Hispanic, sorry, virtually pure gringo, WASP Methodist mother, white Mormon father. I even look like a Founding Father, George Washington crossed with Benjamin Franklin, with Abe Lincoln added for good measure, did I mention Charlton Heston as Moses plus a Yeti, yes, I have a birth certificate. Speaking of Pres. Obama, I have my doubts about him sometimes, he knows nothing about American history it seems, but he's still president supposedly of all the people and has the power so I'll play ball if he will, I can find Texas if he can find July. So far, his track record of inviting Eva Longoria to the White House won't cut it, and if he's serious he can prove it by dealing with moi, the ultimate Mister Serious, did I say the Historyscoper, be on your toes when I'm talking. I work cheap, only a million a year plus expenses, telecommuting with very limited first-class travel only, two side-by-side seats, stretch limos everywhere, first class hotel rooms, I'm a resource hog but there's just one of me so you can afford it. Contact historyscoper at my gmail account, with the title (all caps): HISTORYSCOPER/MEGAMERGE CONTRACT.




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